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The Human Resources Division supports the District’s goals and objectives by providing quality and timely service to all stakeholders assuring respect and confidentiality. The Division actively assists administrators and supervisors in recruiting, hiring, and retaining the necessary highly-qualified personnel for their operations; assists district supervisors and managers in implementing district policy and procedures through timely training; assists in the development of employees’ potential through educational opportunities provided by local and Title II funds; and, assures a safe workplace that is free of any form of harassment or discrimination. The Division strives to meet District goals in a cost effective manner.   

Martha Carrasco
Chief Human Resources Officer

  • What is the status of my application?
    - Applicants who meet the minimum requirements on job posting will be eligible for consideration.

  • Have you received my application?
    - Once you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation page on the screen that confirms that your application was successfully submitted.

  • When will interviews be scheduled?
    - It is at the discretion of the principal or supervisor to schedule interviews.

  • Can I bring my attachments to the district?
    - Applicants are competing for positions; therefore, it is in the applicant's best interest to scan and attach your documents to your application.

  • What do I do if I forgot my User ID or Password?
    - On the CISD web page sign-on screen there is a link below the "Registered Applicant" line. You can click on "If you do not remember your user id & password click here" and follow the steps.

For assistance with any employment or application questions, please call the Human Resources Administrative Assistant at (915) 877-7423.

Para obtener ayuda con cualquier pregunta de empleo o solicitud, llame al Asistente Administrativo de Recursos Humanos al (915) 877-7423.

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