Thanksgiving 2017
November 14th – November 17th

Hello Parents,

We want to take this time to invite you all to join your children during this year’s Thanksgiving lunch servings. We are selling tickets for $6.00, but can only be bought at that price before the serve date. Otherwise, you will still be able to buy tickets for $7.00 on the day we will serve the Thanksgiving meals. We encourage you to buy your tickets as early as possible at participating school cafeterias. 

 School Date Start Time
 Alderete Middle 
Nov 17th   10:45 AM 
 Bill Childress Elementary   Nov 16th   10:30 AM
 Canutillo Elementary   Nov 16th   10:00 AM
 Canutillo High   Nov 16th   11:00 AM
 Canutillo Middle   Nov 15th   11:45 AM
 Deanna Davenport Elementary   Nov 15th   10:00 AM
 Garcia Elementary   Nov 17th   10:00 AM
 Jose Damian Elementary   Nov 14th & 15th   10:45 AM
 Northwest Early College High    Nov 16th  11:30 AM
 Reyes Elementary Nov 17th   Nov 17th   10:30 AM