Clown Frenzy: What you should know
Community Advised to Report Clown Sightings
Clown ShoesProviding every student an excellent education in a safe environment is the top priority for the Canutillo Independent School District. The current national trend of clown sightings appears to have arrived in our community and is causing safety concerns among parents, law enforcement and the District.

Individuals dressed as clowns are attempting to intimidate and bring fear to others by appearing in remote areas or locations where children are present. We ask that you talk to your children about how to recognize odd or suspicious behavior and report it immediately to an adult at the school and a parent/guardian in the home.

“This concern is being addressed and we are taking all precautionary measures,” Carlos Carillo, Canutillo ISD Safety and Security Coordinator, said. “Security at our campuses will be on heightened awareness as any threats, even if they are considered rumors, are taken in a serious manner."

District and law enforcement authorities urge our community to report any clown sightings immediately. In the event you come across these individuals dressed up as clowns or if any reports are made, contact Safety & Security or call 911.