CHS Math Team 'Fearless Champions'
CHS Math Team Earns Accolades at 'Fearless Champions' Invitational
Posted on 03/03/2016
CHS Math Team

The CHS Math team attended the “Fearless Champions” invitational math meet at Texas Tech on Saturday, February 26.  The team took first place in calculator applications, second place in number sense, third in mathematics, and second place sweepstakes.  Teams from all over Texas attended the event from all size districts, 1A to 6A.

Scholarships were awarded to seniors who placed first place in number sense, calculator applications, mathematics, and science. David Ogaz won the $2000 scholarship for coming in first place in calculator applications and Analiese Ludwig won the $500 scholarship for coming in first in number sense.

The following are individual placings for all students from CHS:

David Ogaz (senior) – 1st place calculator applications, 2nd mathematics,  4th place number sense

Analiese Ludwig (senior)- 1st place number sense, 8th place calculator applications, 4th place mathematics

Tiffany Knox (senior) – 2nd place calculator applications, 5th place mathematics

Ashley Bowman (senior) – 4th place calculator applications

Brian Lara (freshman) – 2nd place number sense, 3rd place calculator applications

Armando Burciaga (freshman) – 2nd place calculator applications, 2nd place science

Ricardo Corona (freshman) – 4th place calculator applications