Inclusion / Co-Teaching
The Inclusion/Co-teaching service delivery model allows the student to remain in the general education classroom without any pull-out services. The special education teacher is responsible for coordinating and collaborating with general education teacher to assist with the instruction of the lesson. With this model, it is critical to address the student needs appropriately in the ARD meeting and to delineate the exact amount of special education support time that will be provided daily or weekly in the specific subject area. The Inclusion/Co-teaching service delivery model is implemented at most campuses.
Resource is a placement for students with mild to moderate disabilities. Students in this program often can be placed in some regular classes with accommodations and/or modifications. Resource classes are located at most campuses.
ISC (Instructional Skills Class)
The Instructional Skills Class (ISC) is a placement for students with moderate disabilities. The curriculum includes academics and developmental skills. ISC classes are located at Bill Childress Elementary, Alderete Middle School, Canutillo Middle School and Canutillo High School.
DSC (Developmental Skills Class)
The DSC program has as its foundation the emphasis on functional academics and daily living skills. The ARD/IEP committee will individually determine the students with severe challenges who are appropriately served in a more restrictive placement such as DSC classes. These decisions are based on evaluation and development of the goals and objectives. DSC classes are located at Canutillo Elementary, Alderete Middle School, and Canutillo High School.
PPCD (Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities)
This program focuses on developmental areas and the goals and objectives determined appropriate by the ARD/IEP committee. If you are aware of a child who may have a need for services, please encourage the family to call the CISD special education office to refer the child. The PPCD (Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities) beginning at age 3 is currently located at Jose Damian Elementary.
ALSC (Assisted Living Skills Class)
This is a placement for students with profound disabilities. The curriculum is primarily focused on developmental skills. This class is located at Canutillo High School.
APE (Adapted Physical Education)
Physical education services, specially designed where necessary, will be provided as an integral part of the educational program of each student with disabilities. All decisions regarding APE and the goals/objectives for APE must be based on a current APE assessment.
Homebound services are provided to special education students who are unable to attend school due to a medical reason. A physician must state that the student’s medical condition will require absence of four consecutive weeks. For more information, contact your campus diagnostician or the special education office. The Special Education department has all the required forms that must be completed prior to ARDs to determine eligibility for services.
BIC (Behavior Improvement Class)
The BIC program is for students with disabilities whose behavior interferes with learning or the learning of others to such an extent that a specialized program in a more restrictive placement is necessary. This program continues to address academic needs while structuring the learning and behavior in order to make progress. The ARD committee will consider assessment and options tried and considered at the local campus prior to any decision for a BIC class. A BIP must be in place prior to consideration for change in placement. As always the assessment and the goals and objectives needed by the student will drive the ARD decision. Currently the BIC units are located at Davenport Elementary, Canutillo Middle School, and Canutillo High School.
SCC (Structured Communication Class)
The SCC program is a self-contained setting designed to serve the needs of students with severe developmental and communication delays, lack of social interaction and behavioral concerns. The SCC class is located at Jose Damian Elementary.